Monday, December 5, 2011

Deer Head

rubys deer headThe relevant part of the deer hide head, neck and shoulders as is usually the chapter for a show of taxidermy deer head, the antlers of a fine deer. This is called a stag's head mountain. The hunters were showing their animals harvested by stuffed animals for centuries, beautiful wild horses are like trophy.

Originally, the story was just the bleached skull and antlers as trophies mounted and hung on the walls of old castles and manor houses. Tanner, the skilled craftsmen who have converted to deer hide leather, the skin was attached to the skin and also began "filling" of the head in Cape Town, instead of preserving only to preserve the skull. While some people still use the term "stuffed" animal, when it comes to taxidermy, real name correct for the animal mounted.

Popular Deer Head photos

Fondant deer head Groom cake with fondant antlers Deer Head Deer Head Tattoos Deer Head cardboard deer head Deer Head Deer Head Deer Head made by girl deer head Deer Head deer puppet man head Deer Head

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