Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Angry Bird

Angry BirdAngry Bird continues to grow. I'm really starting to think that sleep is not the developer Rovio. They are introducing new things every day! This is great news for consumers, especially people like me. I am sure to spend at least an hour in this game. With updates and all new episodes, I'm in luck.

It has been a while since Rovio launched an updated bird angry, as he had been focusing its attention on other games, Angry Bird Rio and the seasons. Now they have an update, I'm sure it's just me and many other fans expectations.

Angry bird is the latest update as mine and dinner and in fact it's a brand new episode of the game! He is the sixth Be the result of the match. It takes place underground in a mine type of bet and the graphics are just great again. Pigs and birds are in an underground environment and in the published photos, they are all wearing parts of mining hats, again an indication of the absolute kindness.

Popular photos Angry Bird

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